Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: "Enslave" by Felicity Heaton

"Enslave" is Felicity Heaton's fourth book in her "Vampire Erotic Theatre" series.

Andreau has been working at Antoine's Vampire Erotic Theatre until he can make good on his plans to start his own business in Spain.  His love life was the last thing on his mind until a deadly succubus visits the theater.  Varya is a succubus that feeds from the energy of others, never taking time to get to know any of her hosts.  When she meets Andreau and learns of his dark, shadowed aura she know her clan's warnings tell her to stay far away from him but that doesn't stop her mysterious draw towards him.  Andreau knows he needs to get her far away from the theater but fate seems to have other plans for them.  If they give into the passion they're feeling will they each survive it when even her kisses can be deadly?

All of the stories in this series are short, at 100+ pages.  They're great for when you need a quick read.  Felicity Heaton has a way with these hot vampires and I love that she's adding more to the paranormal demographics as the series progresses.  Andreau and Varya's smoking hot chemistry really made the story.  I love a man who will do anything to make his woman happy and is always looking out for her best interest!  This is a tale of forbidden romance but Varya definitely doesn't let that stop her.  She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it.  We also get to know a lot more about Payne that we've only gotten glimpses of so far in the series.  I'm interested to get to know more about him and of course more about Snow.  Snow seems like the ultra alpha-dangerous-bad boy with a huge heart.  I would love to see him overcome his blood addiction and find someone to make him happy.  Ms. Heaton gets a little more graphic in some of the theater scenes in this one so it's not for the faint at heart in that department.  Andreau and Varya's relationship was a heart-warming, passionate and forbidden romance which made for a great read!  As usual with this series, this book could certainly be read alone but you get a little deeper story out of the side characters by reading the series in order.

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