Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: "Twilight Hunter" by Kait Ballenger

Jace McCannon is a member of the execution underground, an elite government force that protects humanity from things that go bump in the night.  Working along side his fellow teammates, it becomes almost impossible to hide the fact that he harbors the DNA of the very creatures he's sworn to kill. When he captures a very sexy alpha female he finds he may not be able to fight off his animal instinct when the time to mate catches him by surprise.

Frankie Amato will stop at nothing to stop a rogue wolf that is killing her kind. Thrown into the role of alpha of her pack has been a challenge considering some of the males are threatening to challenge her new position. Promised to another, when she is captured by Jace and restrained in his apartment she can only warn him of what's to come when 3 am hits on the eve of a full moon.

Warning..this books contains:
Hot chemistry
Alpha dominance - holy Hell
And a 3am mating call..that honestly sent me outside for a cigarette!

Twilight Hunter is the first book in Kait Ballenger's Execution Underground series.  You can read a prequel to the series in After Dark, which also includes a Lords of the Underworld novella by Gena Showalter. 

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