Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: "Midnight Reckoning" by Kendra Leigh Castle

     Jaden, a powerful Cait Sith bloodline of vampire cat-shape-shifters, has been battling to find his place in the vampire dynasties.  When he rescues Lyra from a violent attack from a fellow werewolf pack member, he finds himself intriqued by the desire he feels for her.  The concern he feels for her when he finds out she will be fighting for her right to follow in her father, the Alpha's, footsteps amazes both of them.  Lyra is quite the spit-fire though and manages to try and drive him away at every turn.  It wont be easy, but Jaden hopes to train Lyra well enough to keep her alive in the upcoming battle.  Will Jaden be able to help Lyra and battle the vampire assasins at the same time?  Will they be able to overcome the laws that forbid vampires and werewolves to be together?

     This is the second book in the "Dark Dynasties" series.  I was sent this book to review and didn't realize until I went to read it that it was part of a series.  I assume this would be even better having read the first book, but the author seemed to go over the basics of what we needed to know from the first book well enough that you'll have no trouble following along without having read that one.

     I love how the author managed to give us a whole new take on vampires in this story.  Not only is the hierarchy set up differently but we have shape shifting vampires.  Mix in a few werewolves and things get pretty heated.  The storyline moved along quickly keeping you glued to the pages.  Just when you think you have the plot figured out the author takes you for a loop.  I love Jaden.  He was the typical broody vampire but turned out to have quite the romantic, caring, protective side.  Who doesn't love a tale of forbidden romance?  I will definitely go back and read the first book at some point so I can continue along with this series.  Plus, how can you go wrong with a cover like that?

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