Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sherrilyn Kenyon Film Deal

Amber Entertainment has signed a partnership with paranormal romance author Sherrilyn Kenyon to produce films, television and webisodes based on her books!  The first project planned is based on the "Chronicles of Nick," a young adult spin-off from her Dark Hunter series.


  1. ACHERON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who will be playing him??? *-*

  2. This is her YA series right??? I own this book, but I need to read it. I hear great things about Archeron, and I guess I always assumed he was from her adult series, no? Anyways I need to catch up on thus series! Especially if there's going to be a movie!

    Thanks for sharing Becky!;)
    And for visiting my IMM :)

  3. Yes, Chronicles of Nick is the YA spin-off from the Dark Hunter series (yes Acheron is from the Dark Hunter series). You definitely need to read the DH series, you would live it, it's right up your alley :)