Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review: "Getting Familiar With Your Demon" by Jodi Redford

     "Getting Familiar With Your Demon" is the fourth book in the "Old Black Magic" series by Jodi Redford.

      Soul collector, Samael Gorasola, has been the familiar of a black magic witch.  She has controlled his every move for years and has resulted in turning Sam into a cold blooded killer.  He manages to escape and now has a heavy bounty on his head.  Thinking to end his existence, he picks a fight with two demon hunters on his first night free.  The one thing he didn't count on was getting rescued by the white witch, Mirabella.  She wants to help him but just being caught with a demon could disgrace her name with the witches guild and especially with her mother.  Of course, Sam is not the least bit grateful.  Even with his crass demon mentality she finds herself overwhelmingly attracted to this dark and dangerous man.  Will he be the one man that can break her curse of never truly being with a man?  Sam wants nothing to do with this witch but he finds himself feeling more for her than he wants after their steamy nights together.  Will he finally grow a conscience and be able to have a real connection to Mirabella or will their interludes lead to her destruction by his previous imprisioner.

     Sam is a rude, arrogant demon who worries about no-one but himself.  Mirabella is able to overlook his hard bad-ass image and see that there's something more to him.  I love that throughout the book Mirabella brings him to care about not only her but Sam's cousins as well.  He finally realizes that he has a reason to live and people that he cares whether they live or die as well.  The sassy banter between his cousins and him cracked me up.  The beginning was a little too love/lust at first site for my taste.  It was a little hard to believe that Mirabella, being a virgin, would have crazy hot sex in the middle of store with him on the first night but hey who am I to judge :)  Once they got a little emotion in there and really started to feel something for each other I felt like I really got into the characters more.  The story flowed nicely.  It was a light fun paranormal romance with a little more erotic scenes than I was expected from it but enjoyed it all the same.  If you're looking for a hot, sexy, paranormal romance with a little humor mixed in then you would definitely enjoy this book.

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