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Review: "Darkest Seduction" by Gena Showalter

***Plot spoilers if you have not read the series up to this point.***    

 I feel like myself and so many others having been waiting a long time for Paris's story and it's finally here! This is the ninth book in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter.
        Paris, the keeper of the demon Promiscuity, met Sienna back near the beginning of this series and we have long suspected that he may end up with her.  While Sienna was a Hunter who drugged and captured Paris he still found something irresistible about her.  During Paris's escape he may have accidentally used her body as a shield causing her death, small details right?  Cronus, the Titan king, has held Sienna's soul captive in the heavens and has found the demon Wrath a new home in her.  She's been battling Cronus, regretting her last words to Paris and trying to deal with Wrath.  All of which is proving harder as the days go by.  Meanwhile, Paris has been battling his ambrosia addiction and frantically searching for Sienna.  While stopping at nothing to find her he has been placing himself in more and more danger along his way.  While we've been seeing a lot of this depressed, angry Paris (certainly not the Paris we have come to know and love), you don't truly understand his desperation until this book.  Sienna seems at a loss of how to handle everything that's going on until Paris arrives.  Then her feelings for him seem to kick in her survival instincts.  Along with Wrath's help she finds a way to get done what needs to be done for her and Paris's survival.
       There are lots of revelations about Cronus and Rhea in this book.  I saw it coming about mid-way but then thought it wouldn't go that way... well, you'll see.  There are several side stories with Galen, Legion, Kane and also some lead in to Zacharel's upcoming spin-off series.  We also got to meet a few more demon keepers.  Of course the one we get to know the most is super annoying!  That was certainly the goal though as she is the keeper of Narcissism.  She's even worse than Anya! The only thing I wish we would have gotten was an explanation as to why Paris's demon was willing to have Sienna more than once.  Also, I found it kind of weird that everyone all of a sudden is referring to his demon as Sex, including himself, instead of Promiscuity.  Minor details really in an otherwise great book.  Lots of action, suspense, a little humor and lots of hot immortal warriors in this story.  It just cracks me up that all of these "tough" guys are all getting paired up with their ladies now.  Gena Showalter definitely has not disappointed.  This is my all time favorite series and while Paris is flawed he's up near the top of my list for favorite Lords of the Underworld!

The upcoming spin-off featuring Zacharel will be called Angels of the Dark.  The first book in the series, Wicked Nights, will be released June 26, 2012.

Favorite quotes:

William to Paris: "I always figured you for the in and out type. Kinda stealthy, leaving the girl   wondering whether you'd been there or not. But I didn't know you were quite this stealthy."
Paris: "Nice to know you've considered my sex life"
"Hasn't everyone?"
"Screw you"
"Again, hasn't everyone?”

Dangerous as a lightening strike, as lethal as a pair of crisscrossing short swords, William whispered, "You're about to find out how your liver tastes, my friend."

"I have tasted it already," Zacharel said, his voice its usual monotone. "It was a bit salty".
How the hell was a guy supposed to respond to that?
Apparently William didn't know, either, because he gaped at the angel. Then, "Maybe if you added a little pepper?"
O-kay. It was official. William had an answer for everything.

I believe you suffer from what the humans call ADD.
"Oh yeah, I definitely have Attention Deficit Demon

Gideon and Scarlet were snuggled together, talking. And a stranger conversation Sienna had never heard.
“I hate you.”
“I hate you more.”
“I hate you most.”


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  2. I'm excited about the spin off series as well! That should be good. The bad boys of the angels!

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