Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: "Lord of the Abyss" by Nalini Singh

    "Lord of the Abyss" by Nalini Singh is the fourth and final book in the "Royal House of Shadows" series.  Each book is written by a different author which has given me a chance to get to know a couple of new authors.  The series revolves around the magical kingdom of Elden.  The Blood Sorcerer has murdered the King and Queen, but they cast a spell during their last moments.  The Queen sent their children to safety and the King filled them with vengeance to reclaim Elden.  In the first 3 books we heard the tales of the oldest 2 princes and the sole princess of Elden.
     This book is about Micah, who was only 5 at the time the Blood Sorcerer attacked the kingdom.  He is sent to the gateway to the Abyss.  After becoming an adult, he takes the role of the Lord of the Abyss and the Black Castle.  He is in charge of rounding up all of the bad souls and taking them through the gateway into the Abyss.  His memory has been taken from him and he remembers nothing of his old life and magic.  Liliana, the Blood Sorcerer's daughter, seeks out Micah to help him reclaim the Elden land along with his brothers and sisters.  The Blood Sorcerer has tortured her for many years and she believes Micah may be the one person who can help her.  While Liliana, due to her horrible father, believes herself to be very ugly and not very womanly, Micah may just be the one man who can see through that.  Will he be able to help her reclaim the castle in time and will he help her if he finds out who her father is?
     This was by far my favorite of the series.  I liked the first 2 a lot as well, but just really liked Micah and Liliana.  I loved that he can see her for who she is on the inside, cliche I know but he truly does.  While everyone fears the Lord of the Abyss, Liliana is the only one to stand up to him and treat him like the prince that he is instead of just someone to fear.  It's great that just having Micah see her true beauty makes Liliana see it in herself too.  Micah is completely blunt about their romantic interludes and Liliana seems to find this strange compared to the courting she has seen, but she loves that about him too.  I like how honest he is with her.  Neither of them have ever been with anyone else so it was sweet to have them experience that together.  Don't worry you do get some very steamy scenes as well.  The only thing I wish would have been different is that I would have liked to have seen the siblings uniting more.  Other than that it was great.   I will definitely be reading more written by this author.  She did an awesome job with Micah and Liliana!

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