Saturday, February 1, 2014

Quickie Reviews

Quickie reviews on a few books I haven't had a chance to write reviews on yet :)

Not quite up to par with the main books in the series but it was still great to get a little bit more of Chess and Terrible. 

Sexy and funny as usual.  This whole series is great.  Definitely good for a light, funny, hot read.

In this second book in The Night Huntress spin off, Night Prince, we get more of Jeaniene Frost's amazing writing and story telling.  Plus a little Cat and Bones to hold us all over until the next book.  Overall, an excellent, exciting book with a touch of witty humor.

Not a lot to this story but still a fun, quick read.

Loved it!  Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series is one of my favorites and this one certainly didn't disappoint.  There was tons of action as it continues the ongoing story arc and some great chemistry between the two protagonists.  This is definitely a must read!

Fun novella that gives another look at Damien and Nikki.  This time they're preparing for their upcoming wedding.  Of course nothing ever goes smoothly for them and this adventure is no exception.

Super steamy with a great storyline... another amazing Kresley Cole book!  

Why did I wait so long to read this series?!  It's an amazing mystery/crime/sci-fi series with, of course, a little romance with a mysterious man.  

While I absolutely love Lisa Renee Jones' Inside Out series, this novella didn't really do it for me.  It just seemed like too much of the same ongoing issue Chris and Sara have.  I was really hoping to get a little different look into Chris's past as this was fairly predictable.  

I tried, several times, but I just had to give up about half way through.  The story is lacking any real emotion as most of it just felt like fake drama.  I mean, really... her world was practically ending because she couldn't get a certain fabric for her dress.  I won't offically rate it since I didn't finish it.

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