Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: "A Hunger So Wild" by Sylvia Day

     A Hunger So Wild by Silvia Day is the second book in the Renegade Angels series.  There are also a couple novella's in the series as well if you're looking to stay in the Renegade Angels world a little longer.

     Elijah is one of the rare Alpha's still leading his pack through the revolt against the Sentinels angels. When a new virus begins sweeping through the vampires, Vashti is forced to seek an alliance with Elijah.  The vampires and lycans are natural enemies and it's only made infinitely worse by the fact that the lycans are the ones that killed Vashti's mate.  Elijah has his own beef with Vashti as well, since she killed his best friend in an attempt at seeking vengeance for her mate's death.  When the lycan Alpha and the vampires second in command get together for an alliance, sparks will definitely fly, in more ways than one.  Learning where their true loyalities lie may prove more difficult than either of them imagined.

     Sylvia Day has certainly taken a new twist on the vampires, angels and werewolves here.  In this series they are all angels in one form or another, or were at one time.  There's a little murder mystery, with the plot and cover up of the murder of Vashti's mate.  We certainly have some mystery/action going on trying to find a cure for the vampire virus.  Then of course we have some romance... my favorite!  There's definitely something between Vashti and Elijah from the beginning but with the different "species" factor and the past troubles between them, it makes for some serious tension.  I love that Elijah is the ultimate male alpha character without being full of himself.  He seems to genuinely care about all the members of his pack and doesn't treat anyone as though he's better than them.  That's hard to pull off with such a tough hero.  There's just one scene that was a little disconcerting between the two of them but I wont go into details and spoil anything.   Overall, they had great chemistry.

      I have recently read several of Sylvia Day's books and have really enjoyed her writing style.  Well, for the most part... I did kind of want to scream at her "What, are you kidding me!" after reading the ending of this book.  It's not so much that it was a cliffhanger just that I wanted a little more closure at the end and well, just more of their story.  I actually had to give myself a couple days before I wrote the review  because I had to let myself get over the ending first.  I am most certainly looking forward to the next book in the series.  I'm also very intrigued with the head of the vampires, Syre, and his story.  Hopefully we'll get that soon.

     If you're not familiar with Sylvia Day's work check out her website here.  She writes a wide range of novels: historical, contemporary, fantasy, paranormal and more.  If you're a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, Sylvia Day even has the Crossfire Trilogy which reminds me a lot of that.


  1. Hey! I enjoyed your review!:) I'm going to read this one soon, I guess because I downloaded it after release date lol, I've taken my time, maybe after I finish Time Untime and Gunmetal Magic I'm trying to read both simultaneously now and that's proving to be difficult. Lol. You know I didn't like the first book in this series by Sylvia Day and then after reading and falling in love with BTY lol, I've decided to give this one another shot, I'm glad you enjoyed it!!:) I'm rambling, sorry. Lol it's late and I'm trying to visit buddies I haven't chatted with in a while....;) Hope your having a wonderful weekend!:) <3

  2. Yeah, you should definitely read it when you get a chance. That's awesome they sent you Time Untime. I have to finish getting caught up with that series. I'm up through Acheron book and I think I read one after that. There are SO many books in that series!