Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feature and Follow Question 3-29-12

Feature and Follow is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.  
Hop around from blog to blog and see our answers and be sure to let us know your 
answers as well!  This week's question...

Do you read one book at a time or do you switch 
back and forth between two or more at a time?

I would like to only read one at a time but most of the time I am working on 2.  
Not on purpose, it just seems that books I've been anxious to read come out while 
I'm currently reading a book or a deadline for a review is getting close and I need to
 read that one.  If I have an audio book I may have a third book going to listen to on 
the way back and forth from work as well.  

How about you?


  1. I think it's pretty normal these days to read several books at once if you are a blogger. Of course, if you are reading a 600 page plus book...

    Old follower

    Shelley @ Gizmos Reviews

    1. I know. I keep putting off reading Acheron's book (from the Dark Hunter series) because at 736 pages I just know I'm going to have to read a couple other books during that and I don't want to have his book interrupted at all :(

  2. Honestly, sometimes knowing I have an hour and a half to myself to read while at the gym is the ONLY thing that gets me to the gym, lol!

    Happy Friday, BEcky!

  3. I'm normally reading two books at once. I like to have a book to read while I'm at home and a book to read at work. Yes I have a desk job where there can be down time from time to time that allows me to read. :)

    Oh and sometimes I'm also listening to an audio book.

  4. So true, I get the newly released books while I am reading others and I can't wait to read them all. Thanks for stopping by.

    Old follower.

  5. I can only read one at a time. Which is why I get so frustrated when a book I'm really dying to read is released while I'm in the middle of another book. It motivates me to read faster, but I can't juggle both at the same time.

    Mr FF
    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

  6. Not big on audiobooks (yet), but I, too, can (and sometimes do) read 2 books at a time. A "main read" & a "secondary read".
    I'm a follower. Happy Friday!
    _yay_: FollowFriday

  7. Hello!! I just started to read more than one at a time. I have too many on my list :D Happy Friday I am a new follower!


  8. Oh, I'd love to be able to read more than one book, but most of the times I just read one book, then the next, then the next. :) New LinkyFollower!

    Patricia // My FF

  9. Old follower now also following through Linky, I only read the one, my FF

  10. Hi there :) just hopping through...

    I know exactly what you mean :) Here is my choice...

    Feature & Follow

  11. Hellllo! I read more than one at a time too! But I tend to get out of control and have about 5 on the go at once! Here's my thing:

    New follower! x

  12. I love audiobooks for when I have to travel! I abuse audios as a way of getting all my classics read as I find I have a hard time reading them on my own!

    New follower. My FF.

  13. I always read one at a time so that I can give my full attention to it!

    New Follower!


  14. New follower.
    I read one at a time.

  15. New Follower.

    5-6 books. Wow. That's insane. Sometimes I can do 2 at most, but nothing more than that.

    My Follow Friday

  16. We have very similar answers! I love your blog design and title! Hope you are enjoying Lover Reborn...that's next on my TBR list!

    New follower.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  17. New follower here. 1-2 books for me.

    1. Have A Happy Friday!

  18. I read multiples at a time. Can't seem to NOT do that!

    Happy follower!

    My FF

  19. It seems like it's pretty normal to be polygamous with novels, especially on a deadline, or if we're in college.

    My ff:

  20. Thanks for stopping by my FF post Becky!!! I I was sick with a headache and went to bed early!! :) Have a great weekend!!;)