Friday, February 17, 2012

"Iced" Teaser #2

Karen Moning's second teaser for "Iced"...

Keeping this one short and sweet as I'm heading up to MegaCon this morning!  Have I told you guys lately how much I love writing ICED?  Dani is hands-down the most unpredictable character I've ever written. There's a undiluted, bouyant joy in telling her story. No rules apply.  I just follow her flamboyant heart and watch all hell break loose. My goal is to make you forget about wanting more of Mac & Barrons by the time you finish reading ICED because you can't wait for more of Dani. I bet you think I can't.

"He isn't what he's pretending to be with her. I watch him all the time. I'm going to be there when he stops pretending.  I'm going to be her bulletproof vest, her shield, her fallen fucking angel, whether she wants one or not. He's pretending he's almost human. He's no more human than me."

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