Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: "Lothaire" by Kresley Cole

     "Lothaire" is the the 12th book in the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole.

     Lothaire, "The Enemy Of Old", believes he has found his fated bride in Saroya.  She's an evil sorceress that has been cursed and is required to take possession of human bodies to survive.  She's currently residing in Elizabeth Pierce's body and likes to take over occasionally killing numerous people at a time just for fun.  Lothaire is appalled at Elizabeth's gruff, backwoods mountain-girl upbringing.  He must continue his battle for the ring that he hopes will allow him to destroy Elizabeth's soul and reclaim Saroya for his own.  Elizabeth would much rather kill herself, literally, than allow Saroya to take over.  Lothaire forces her from one type of prison to another to keep her body safe for Saroya's future use, and his.  Lothaire is hoping Saroya will be the key to taking over the Horde and Daci kingdoms, with the two of them ruling side by side.  Throughout Elizabeth's "jail time" in Lothaire's apartment, he starts to wonder if it's truly Saroya that's his bride or Elizabeth.  An ill-bred mortal could never have been destined for one of the oldest, most evil vampires out there, could she?  Lothaire begins to feel things that he's never felt before, but is it to late to change his end-game?

     Kresley Cole, you've done it again.  I couldn't have been happier with this book.  I was concerned going into the book that I wasn't going to like Lothaire, but of course you have made me fall in love.  The whole time I was reading this I was thinking, "I should hate this guy", but I just couldn't bring myself to stay mad at him.  For all the horrible things he says and does to this poor girl, in his screwed up Lothaire head you know he means well.  This is one bad ass, crazy vampire!  Just when you think he can't be any more evil, he is.  Elizabeth takes a little more crap from him than I would have liked but ends up giving as good as she gets.  I loved the dynamic between the two of them.  Lothaire was on the verge of falling over the edge into crazy town but she seems to ground him.  The funny banter between the two of them cracked me up. in a warped humor sort of way.  There were of course some of our steamy "Immortals After Dark" scenes we love too.  We find out more about Nuckin' Futs Nix and Lothaire's history.  I loved getting more insight into what the feud between them was about.  We got to see a few characters from the previous book which was fun too.  As usual Kresley Cole has taken this horrible vampire and turned him into something more.  Overall, a great book.  One of the best in the series!


  1. this is so unfair. i wanna read it too!!!
    was there any mention of Lanthe (Sabin's sisster?)

  2. No there wasn't, I totally forgot who she was for a minute ;)

  3. I love this series and yet I haven't yet managed to read this book.. I am not sure what I am waiting for.. LOL

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