Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: "Seize the Night" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

     Valerious is one of the most hated Dark Hunters in New Orleans.  He's from a high born Roman family, one of which was the man who crucified Kyrian Thrace.  Kyrian has been holding a serious grudge against Valerious for over 2000 years.  Tabitha Devereaux, the twin of Kyrian's wife, comes to the aid of Valerious after a Daimon fight where Tabitha does some damage of her own.  Tabitha has been hunting Daimons, the soul sucking vampires, since she was 13 years old so she is very familiar with the dark hunters and their leader, Acheron.  As Valerious is forced to stay at Tabitha's after their night with the Daimons, he is surprised to find himself rather intrigued with her.  With his aristocratic background he knows he should find everything about Tabitha appalling, from her language to the way she acts, but he finds himself truly mesmerized by her.  She's sexy, gutsy, sassy, wisecracking and has a huge heart.  When they find out that Desiderious is back and attacking Tabitha and her family, she looks to Valerious for someone to lean on.  He is forced to help the man that despises him and at the same time put his life in the hands of another.  Will Valerious finally be able to warm that steely heart of his and let someone in?

     It's no wonder Sherrilyn Kenyon has come out with so many Dark Hunter books, they are a great read.  I was hesitant to start this series initially with over 20 books in it but I'm glad I did.  There's so much going on in this series and I love that she gives us little teasers about Acheron and some of the other characters through out each of the books as well.  
     There's so much going on in this book in addition to the romance between Val and Tabitha.  Desidirious, who we thought was dead, is back.  There are several deaths and the birth of a new Dark Hunter as well.  The main storyline going on through out the series is getting better and better as we get to know everyone better.  I'm so intrigued with Acheron and I'm glad that we are finally getting some more insight into his background.  I was rather worried about him in this book.  I didn't have any idea where this story was going, definitely full of action and suspense.  The new Dark Hunter... wow, didn't see that coming.  There was also a lot of humor with Seize the Night as well between Val and Tabitha.  They have totally opposite personalities and it made for an interesting dynamic between them.  All of the dark hunters from the previous books were back in this one.  This was one of my favorites in the series.  I've loved all of the dark hunters but this story just had a lot going on and we found out so much about all of the characters in this one.  Sherrilyn Kenyon continues to amaze me with her suspenseful storyline and great romance.


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  2. Seize The Night is one of my favorites from the serie too. I love Tabitha. btw great review.

    ~ CArpe NOctum

  3. Oh I totally shouldn't have read this review! HAH! I just finished Kyrian's book and was wondering if that little tease at the end (Artemis whispers something in Archeron's ear) was about Valerious being a Dark Hunter, but I thought "No, SURELY not!". O.M.G. Now I have to keep reading. And him hooking up with Kyrian's wife's sister?!! *fans self* It's gonna get crazy!
    *puts Dark-Hunter book #3 back at the top of the TBR list*