Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review: "Dance with the Devil" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

   Zarek, the Dark Hunter that can't be tamed, has been sent back to Alaska where he has been banished for over 900 years.  He has been isolated in the Alaskan wilderness due to his violent behavior and is believed to be insane by most of the Dark Hunters and Artemis, the one who created the Dark Hunters.  He has just returned from a brief stay in New Orleans where he was dispatched to help after Kyrian retired.  As usual, Zarek has created an uproar over his behavior while there.  Acheron, the leader of the Dark Hunters, has persuaded Artemis to give him a fair judgement before she terminates him.  Acheron and Artemis have chosen Astrid, a justice nymph, to decide his fate.  Unfortunetly for Zarek, Astrid has never judged a man innocent in her entire life.  Will Astrid be able to see through Zarek's tough, out of control exterior to the man inside?  This may turn out to be the least of Zarek's concerns when they find out Artemis has already released the Day Slayer to execute him.

   This is by far my favorite Dark Hunter book so far.  They just seem to be getting better and better.  Zarek reminds me of Zhadist from The Black Dagger Brotherhood who I also really liked.  Zarek was a Roman slave for all of his human life and then was executed for a crime he didn't commit.  He's also haunted by the death of an entire village that he feels responsible for.  The tough, brooding character that we have known in the series so far turns out to have a softer side as well.  Zarek's character does a complete 180 in this touching, romantic and exciting story.  We still get lots of Daimon killing and action along with the Greek mythology, that I am coming to love, as well.  I am thoroughly enjoying this series and all the great characters Sherrilyn Kenyon has created.  I can't wait to find out more about Acheron too... what a mysterious guy.  We did get a lot more info on him in this book too. Great book - 5 stars!

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