Friday, October 14, 2011

Fever Series Audiobook

I've read "The Fever Series" by Karen Moning and loved it.  Definitely one of my top 3 favorites!  So, I thought I would listen to the last 2 books on audio during my drive.  At first the readers for Mac and Barron's voices seemed off to me, not quite what I thought they would sound like.  However, after listening to all of "Dream Fever" I have to say I love their voices now, especially Barrons.  Something about that accent coupled with that rumbling voice is just... delicious!  I also am getting a whole new take  from the books the second time around, knowing what I now know.  Although, I seem to have forgotten some of the details- funny how my Barrons/V'lane tunnel vision has done that to me.  I'm able to focus a little more on the storyline this time around and pick up some things I had missed before.  Here's a little clip of the "Dream Fever" audiobook from Karen's site...Click here.

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  1. I agree...listening to this on audio made me focus on more things and realize that I didnt catch a lot of things as well! I love that Barrons voice!!