Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: "Lord of the Wolfyn" by Jessica Anderson

   "Lord of the Wolfyn" is the third book in "The Royal House of Shadows" series.  Each book is written by a different author and is loosely themed around a classical fairy tale.  This book had a" Little Red Riding Hood" theme to it.  When the kingdom realm of Elden was attacked, the Queen and King cast spells to send their children to safety but that they would seek vengeance against the Blood Sorcerer who is trying to take over the kingdom.
    Prince Dayn has been sent to the Wolfyn realm, which are basically werewolves.  He can not return to Elden until his "guide" finds him, at which time they will have 4 days to reach the castle.  His soon to be guide, Reda, is coping with the death of her partner on the police force.  She is also searching for an antique "Little Red Riding Hood" book that her mother used to read to her when she was a child.  As a "blood-drinker," and natural enemy of the Wolfyn, Dayn must conceal his true identity to survive until his guide finds him.
    While I have enjoyed this series as a whole, I unfortunately did not care for this one.  The story really skips around a lot in the first half of the book.  The story didn't really seem to flow.  The author seemed to spend entirely too much time focusing on Reda's issues and her over analyzing of everything instead of on the Wolfyn or Dayn.  I just didn't feel the chemistry between the two of them.  I'm glad I read the book so I knew Dayn's story as it pertains to the rest of the series but unfortunately I have to give this only 2 stars (very unlike me).

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