Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: "Fantasy Lover" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

 "Fantasy Lover" is the first book in Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Dark Hunter" series.  It's based on a Spartan Warrior, Julian, who has been trapped in a book for over two thousand years.  He was cursed to remain in the book except when summoned by a woman to be used as a love-slave until the next full moon.  He enjoyed women as much as they enjoyed him back in his day, but being used for so long has forced him to block off his emotions and resign himself to his curse.  When he's summoned by Grace, with the prodding of her friend, to fill all of her desires he finds the one woman who sees him for the man he truly is.  Julian has never known love in all his years, even as a child, so he can't understand why Grace wants to help him.  Will Grace be just the thing he needs to break the curse?
   The book started out a little silly with the "trapped in a book" curse. Okay, I admit that as far as paranormal books go that probably doesn't sound very strange, but it made me wonder where  he was going with the story.  It quickly picked up some side plots and back stories that caught my attention.  With the Greek Gods it kind of reminded me of "Lords of the Underworld" which of course made me smile!  The way Sherrilyn Kenyon describes the connection between Julian and Grace was amazing.  I truly enjoyed this book.  While in theory this should have been a dark book with the story line it just felt like a lighter read then a lot of the other PNR/UF books which was nice for a change.  I will definitely be continuing this series.


  1. this one is def lighter than all the DH books! they jsut keep getting better and better!

  2. Good to know ;) I requested the first few from the library so I have the next 4 I think to pick up tomorrow. Too bad I couldn't get the ebooks for my Kindle from the library yet :( Perfect timing though since I just finished "The Royal House of Shadows" series.