Friday, August 19, 2011

Great deal on "Lords of the Underworld"

Amazon has had this deal up for a little while but I wanted to make sure nobody missed out since this is my all time favorite series :)   This bundle includes the first 3 books plus the prequel novella.  It's only $7.89 right now!  This is a great series and anybody who hasn't read it should definitely check it out.  "Lords of the Underworld" is about a group of immortal warriors that used to guard the Greek Gods but after opening Pandora's box they are now all cursed to house a demon inside them.  They now live in their fortress in Budapest and are battling the classic good verses evil but of course they meet some feisty women on their journey as well.  Gena Showalter sucks you in with not only the great steamy romance but an amazing storyline.  This is definitely a must read!


  1. Okay - I totally DL'd this bundle. I hope I like it. Vain is reading the series now, and she loves it, so I'm hoping I like it too :) Thanks for the info!

  2. You will love it! I can't wait for you to read them :) I would probably skip the novella Darkest Fire for now and just read that later. The first book starts with Darkest Night.